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"Thank you for your care, concern and support. I was overwhelmed at receiving the food gift card of $75.00 and gas card of $25.00. These gifts were heartwarming and allowed me to see that there are people in the world that care when you are in crisis. I feel that with care and concern the battle is easier and recovery comes faster. Again, thank you and may God continue to richly bless your efforts to reach out and touch someone."

"Los Angeles Breast Cancer Alliance (LABCA) has proved reliable in assisting women with access to wigs (from Beverly Hills), cab vouchers for transportation to treatment appointments and recently vouchers for food."

-- My Sister My Friend BCS News

"A Friends recipient was diagnosed in 2000 and relapsed last summer. She has been on chemo ever since resulting in her having horrible side effects, going in and out of the hospital and having her disease metastasize to her bones, lungs and possibly her brain. We have given her three $75.00 Vons coupons with the last one delivered yesterday. When I visited her in her home, she had difficulty breathing and looked very weak. However, all she could say was, 'Thank you LA Breast Cancer Alliance for being so generous.'"

"On behalf of the Between Women Breast Cancer Organization, thank you so much for the $500.00 towards traveling expenses that our organization has for taking a breast cancer patient our of town for doctors' appointments or surgery. We want each woman to have the choice of her doctor and the ability to get there. These monies will help so much."

-- Between Women Breast Cancer Organization

"I am writing to thank the Los Angeles Breast Cancer Alliance for their services! My mother and I are both being treated for cancer at this time. Last week we visited the wig boutique and were able to sample a variety of wigs, until we found the perfect style and color for us! Going through illness can be a physically, emotionally and financially draining experience. We appreciate the kindness of LABCA for lightening the load."

"Words cannot say how thankful I am for this gift. It put a lots joy in my life again to have friends like you. It means the world to me. Again, thanks so much."

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