Advocacy Efforts

LABCA & The National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC)

invite you to read and listen to what our presidential candidates have to say about protecting and advancing four issues that are critical to a victory in the fight against breast cancer...
  1. Guaranteed access to quality health care for all;
  2. Department of Defense dollars to support breast cancer research;
  3. A national strategy to study the role of the environment in the development of breast cancer; and
  4. Treatment for uninsured women with breast and cervical cancer.

You can learn more about these issues and hear what the candidates have to say at After you've watched their videos and read their responses, NBCC wants to hear from you! Visit the Breast Cancer Caucus to vote for the candidate you feel has the best plan to eradicate breast cancer.

Your voice makes a difference!

From Lobby Day 2010...

Lobby Day 2010
With Rep. Dennis Cardoza's (CA-18) health aide.

Lobby Day 2010
Lobby Day 2010

Lobby Day 2010
Advocacy Brunch at Vice President's Residence, 2010

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